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"Life is Art"

30 août 2017

Fauve is an full artist. Fan of the golden years, Modigliani and the Bermuda, discover her portrait.

If I were an artist? Amedeo Modigliani.

If I were an artwork? Jeanne Hébuterne au grand chapeau from Amedeo Modigliani (1918)

If I were an artistic movement? Expressionnism & Contemporary Naive.

If I weren't a painter? I'll be an artist.

If I were a color? Orange.

If I were a proverb? "Life is Art"

If I were a song? C'est la fête aux copains from Jean Ferrat (1962).

If I were a year? The 1920's, golden years!

If I were a quality? The generosity.

If I hade a super power? Spreading peace all over the world...

If I were a travel? Bermuda!

Your best artist memory? When I sold my first artwork.

Describe your studio... My studio includes many trestles. Different formats of canvasses were on the ground, pending their day of glory. Acrylic tubes, vernis, brushes, charcoal are piling up on the tables... Plastic plates replace palettes waiting the color application. Table lamps illuminate the in preparation artworks. It's my den.