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Miami, the world capital of contemporary art

27 juillet 2016

Known for its chilled lifestyle, Miami has this tropical nonchalance difficult to find elsewhere. Thanks to famous movies and TV Shows, everybody can list Miami’s best assets. Ocean wise, the white sand of South Beach, the boardwalks of Miami Beach, and the famous lifeguard house stilts are obviously in everybody’s head. Miami is also synonym of prosperity with its luxury hotels and cars just like in Coral Gables most for its wide avenues, luxurious pools and villas unreal.

But Miami is as well dedicated to fashion and art and it is not uncommon to come across showrooms, or outdoor exhibits, scattered throughout the city.

The city where Art is for everyone

Miami hosts outdoor exhibitions gathering artists from around the world where everyone can appreciate the talent of the upcoming generation.  Some neighborhoods like Wynwood are decorated with street art.

If Barcelona represents the Art Nouveau, Tel Aviv the Bauhaus, Miami hosts the biggest Art deco neighborhood in the world. Created in the 30’s it has today more than 600 buildings, each of them painted in pastels colors. A typical Floridian style renamed the "Tropical Art Deco".

For fashion addicts, the Webster concept store is one of the best places to visit. Spread on three floors, last fashion items coexist with jewelry creations and luxury brands articles. The store is a foretaste of the District Design, meeting point of luxury brands and outstanding artworks. The walkable neighborhood is the perfect combination of Miami two symbols: luxury and art. It hosts high-ended stores and a growing number of galleries. The original architecture and the fresh ambiance attract every day more creative minds. The center is packed with artists' studios and showrooms filled with unique and sumptuous artworks.


Focus on emerging artists

Art Lovers certainly know the Pérez Art Museum. This contemporary art museum highlights the new talents of design and art. An ideal opportunity to exchange and discover new techniques and works.

Since 2002, the Art Basel Miami Fair is from far the most important event of the city, gathering the very best contemporary artworks like sculptures, paintings, photographs or videos. Art Basel it’s also impressive outdoor installations, performances and events of all kinds.

Each year, the first week of December, the city hosts the Miami Art Week. The event is held in the Wynwood Arts District, with more than 80,000 art lovers, professionals and collectors. The Miami Art Week focuses on contemporary artists lacking of awareness. The 26th edition will be held from November 29 to December 4.

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