15 mars 2016

The distinctive lifestyle of Empordà is the result of a mix of cultures is a source of inspiration for many artists.

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8 mars 2016

Simple decorative element, shimmering and romantic, abstract or living reality in the XXth, over the times, the sea was represented in all forms and all colors.

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1 mars 2016

Vassily Kandinsky will accommodate Nature at his own will and represent it beyond reality : abstract Art is born.

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22 février 2016

By diverting their usual use of materials or objects that have been used to make artists could have as leitmotiv "Let’s make beautiful with old"

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15 février 2016

The Argentina culture is as captivating and unique as diverse and varied. Influenced by colonial Europa, it is equally important for the indigenous traditions of Latin America.

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8 février 2016

It was around 1820 was launched, in Denmark, a pictorial revolution.

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29 janvier 2016

From Prehistory to the early of the twentieth century, art has always been a figurative dimension.

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8 janvier 2016

The watercolor, an ancient technique The watercolor (from Latin Aquarius, relative to water) is a water paint based only on the transparency of its colors. This is one of the oldest painting [...]

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