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My OCD? To smile!

22 septembre 2017

With Egon Schiele for inspiration, Marcos Rodrigo sublimates the feminine silhouettes in his own way. Portrait of an artist who considers his workshop as the tarmac of his most beautiful journeys...

If I were an artist? Egon Schiele. For his talent and for the exercice of a fundamental freedom that we have lost the virtues.

If I were an artwork?Femme assise à la jambe repliée from Egon Schiele (1917). Beautiful, human and sensual!

If I were an artistic movement? Expressionism. It's a mix between the impressionism eye and the soul.

If I weren't a painter? Fashion designer or sculptor.

If I were a color? Green-yellow (Spring). Because it's light, hope and renewal.

If I were a proverb? « From good love comes beauty »

If I were an emotion? Desire, in all its forms.

If I were a song? There are tens… let’s say « Jolie Môme » from Léo Ferré

If I were a year? 1961. When I came to France at the age of 4.

If I had a super power? Make the world gracious and tolerant.

If I were an OCD? Smile all the time!

If I were a good life moment? Every time I felt loved.

Your best artist memory? When I saw a woman cried in a front of one of my paintings.

Can you describe your studio... It's the tarmac of my best travels! And I overindulge it shameless.