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Proud People Perform

22 décembre 2017

Native from Sweden, Jonas Lundh is an impressionnist painter strongly influenced by the scandinavian landscapes and their particular light. Discover the portrait of this artist, incorrigible musician.

If I were not a painter? I would be a musician! 

If I were a color?  I would be orange; in between autumn leaves and the summer sun.

If I were a proverb? Proud People Perform

If I were an emotion? I would be positive melancholy.

If I were a song? I would be "Love and Paris rain" from Brenda Russell (2000).

If I were a quality? I would be stubborn, never giving up.

If I were a travel? I would travel around the world.

If I were a language? I would be French. 

If I were a beautiful time of the life? An early summer morning. 

What's revolting you? Dishonesty

Your most beautiful souvenir as an artist? An Elephant  Brush (a well balanced brush), even though I'm not painting with brushes.