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Esther Marlot
Femme au café
  • Dimensión de la obra : 50x50cm
  • Técnica : Oléo
  • Estilo : Ilustración

Obra única

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Descripción de la obra
Obra única y original Femme au café fue creada por el artista Esther Marlot.
Esther Marlot

Esther was born in Aix-en-Provence to father who was a sculptor and a mother who was a weaver. She grew up surrounded by artists and artisans, and was introduced to the arts from early childhood through music (vocals, violin, trumpet). After studying Fine Art in high school in Nîmes, she left for vocational training at the Centre of Circus Arts in Toulouse. She began a career in performing and participated in the creation of the company ‘Remise a 9’. She worked as an acrobat for five years with the "The Monstrous Parade", touring France and Eur…


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