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Terres et Brumes

In 2011 Marie-Céline Polyn had recently taught herself to be an artist and decided, after several exhibits for the Salons de Créateurs, to devote herself entirely to her artistic creation. Ever since, she has worked under the pseudonym Terres et Brumes (Lands and Mist), a name that anchors her painting in a world of imagination, dreams and escape.

She started out using crayons and quickly developed the desire to experiment with other techniques, which led her slowly to privilege acrylic paint on canvas. Here she is able to feed her inspiration by incorporating into her work other materials such as the sand she collects during her travels. The artist arranges colour on the canvas with a spontaneous gesture that is free and instinctive. The tones she chooses create a range of light and soft contracts that are harmonious and soothing. She aspires to be a contemporary inspiration and opts for a palette that is predominantly grey, black and white, while establishing an atmosphere of happy reverie.

Her compositions, made up of misty landscapes depicting the territory of Flanders and the Opal Coast, invite the spirit to travel and to take on large spaces. Abstract or semi-figurative, her canvases offer a range of natural tones that call on our imagination and invite the spirit to slip away.