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Michael Lefèvre

Michaël Lefèvre's painting is first and foremost figurative. But much like his Impressionist masters, from whom he draws much of his inspiration, his concern for representation has been slowly taken over by the need to convey his emotions, to give life to them through art. The artist is inspired by his travels and paints the landscapes he brings back as souvenirs.  His compositions are free and are subtle additions to nature, to reality and to a deep inner expression.

Movement is doubled in Michaël Lefèvre's works. Horizontally, he gleans his themes from the multiplicity of what he sees. Vertically, he draws from deep inside himself to find the material he uses in his artistic transformation. The ocean or the surface of the water is a central component of the artist's paintings that is almost omnipresent. When it is agitated it represents the soul's storms and the torments of the soul. When it is calm it is the transparent mirror of Being and of the world. While it appears dazzling and warm under the sunlight it can be ice cold under the clouds. Red, orange, blue or grey, it mixes with the sky and allows Michaël Lefèvre to undertake intense explorations into colour.

On this palette, boats unfurl their colourful sails or trees shake their golden leaves. Nature offers itself up under the artist's gaze and becomes the place for a joyful interpretation of the colours of time.