Dominique Dupin

 "Glean from each moment the irreplaceable newness and do not prepare your joy, or know that in place of what you prepare will emerge a different joy", wrote André Gide. Dominique Dupin's palette is warm and shimmering. His subjects, scenes of life, "street scenes" as the artist refers to them, landscapes and seascapes express the happiness and enthusiasm of a creator hungry for experiences and new adventures. He is very much attached to his South-western region, which he deems rich in particularities, and translates in painting the movement and positive energy of what is around him, of onlookers, markets, alleys or monuments.

Guided in his training by qualified artists and fed by his own research, Dominique Dupin patiently developed his oil painting technique, which he works using a knife. Practically sculpting his textures, he makes pieces that are rich in colours in which the agitations of life get expressed.

His characters, always seized in mid-movement, walking, chatting, dancing, opening an umbrella or wandering down crowded streets. For the artist they incarnate the momentum of life, harmony with the work in everything and also the desire to move forwards, to evolve, to bounce back and to be exposed. Or, like the women who populate the artist's paintings with their dresses blown around in the wind, to accept to always be surprised.