Man Kwon Young

After his studies in drawing in South Korea where he was born, Yong-Man Kwon quickly began to exhibit his work around Asia. He did not forget his artistic vocation when he joined the French foreign legion in which his talents won him a position as illustrator and graphic designer. After five years of service, he became the official painter of the army and received many awards in civil and military art fairs. Better than anyone he knows how to capture the majesty of boats and the agitation of the workshops and excels at depicting the speed of planes even as they sleep in the hangars.

In addition to this prestigious position, he explored a wide variety of subjects, completing, for example, a series on the Hall of Mirrors of Versailles or on the landscapes of Paris and New-York. He loves to make sketches in the moment or, if possible, to work directly on location in order to better capture the essence of the places and characters.  Indeed, he uses his style to convey his subject matter, may it be to share with us the whispers in the hallways of a museum or to call attention to the wild strength of a horse or the power of a sports car. His sharpened sense of observation and his great technical mastery make it possible for him to reveal several facets of a single moment, creating an irresistible impression of movement. He saturates each canvas with colours and lights and pulls the viewer into a universe in which each detail is a source of beauty.