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Tino Rusconi

Although originally from the Italian commune of Lecco, Tino has spent most of his life in the Lombardy city of Bergamo. For several years now, he has set up home nearby in the small village of Mapello. Having completed a technical course, he discovered painting at the age of twenty-one, in the workshop of a local artist, Gilberto Peruta. When they met, he learnt the basics of the profession and began sketching contours of what would then form his individual pictorial language.

During these first years of learning, Tino experimented with different techniques and painting styles, working with both acrylics and oils and taking inspiration from the works of artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. After this intense initiation period, the young painter would work on the expansion of his own aesthetic by attempting to combine tradition and modernity.

Inspired by the inhabitants and the landscapes characteristic of his home region, Tino produces timeless décors, full of arabesques and nuances, which switch between abstraction and figuration, between reality and the imaginary. Carried out using a mix of acrylics and oils, combined with a palette that favours warm tones, the subjects are steeped in an evanescent atmosphere, which gives the ensemble a certain sense of theatricality. Deliberately seeking to interfere with the tracks in order to offer several interpretations, the painter shows us a wholly unique interpretation of urban scenes in the north of Italy. Largely poetic and empathic, Toni’s works seem to highlight an enhanced reality, like a utopia in the process of being achieved.