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Enrique Alonso Pascual

Enrique was born and raised in a small village in the province of Palencia, Spain. He had a passion for painting and drawing as a teenager. His first steps as an artist were in the style of the Impressionists, for whom he has great admiration. Fascinated by their conception of colour and landscape, the young man dreamed of his turn to place his easel outdoors to capture the drama of life.
He left to study art at the Madrid School of Applied Arts (Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos) and at the private cultural centre, Circulo de Bellas Artes, where the art history courses enriched his work. Enrique went in search of a personal style, based on the knowledge from his technical education, to which he added a contemporary twist. He exhibited for the first time in 1971. An outstanding landscape artist, Enrique has participated in numerous artistic events in Spain and abroad over the past forty years. He has won numerous awards at painting competitions (outdoors, rapid painting) held across the country. He currently lives and works in Madrid.
The artist performs his paintings quickly from motifs taken on the fly. He uses mixed media following different steps. He first applies a collage of uniform colour on the background before making a charcoal drawing. He then covers it with an acrylic glaze and finishes his work with oils.
His sources of inspiration are always in close relation with the environment. In town, Enrique is interested in the animated movement of people, the variety of architectural forms, the impact of shadow and light on the urban landscape. In the countryside, he likes to capture the sun's rays climbing the walls of a deserted village, the solitary figures walking on a seafront. There, in the silence of nature, his brush creates the heat of Castilian landscapes that extend out of sight, over a deep and mysterious horizon.