Sébastien Ardouin Dumazet

As a child, Sébastien delved instinctively into art and found a daily joy in his creativity. He chose to study fine arts and quickly decided to make art his profession.
At 20 he only painted ghostly and absent figures. But slowly flesh and incarnation appeared. The figures emerged at the same time as colour and form, expressing a need for harmony and beauty.
The trigger for his approach occurred when he was working for the Lafarge cement company. He developed communication pieces for this company that spoke of biodiversity, creating directly on the canvas cement sacks. He mixed the brute aspect of the sack with poetic and delicate patterns.
Ever since he has worked, much like poster design, exclusively with oils and collage, creating many patterns. His goal is to mix two universes, two eras or two cultures in order to find a harmony in the work.
Sébastien has always turned to unknown universes; the differences showing how the other worlds work. To express his ideas on canvas he pulls up the symbols of the collective unconscious (as seen in ads or on fabrics). For him, the motifs recall a detail of the past that everyone can associate with his own story.
So that by mixing two different eras, two worlds, he creates a harmony, a new truth. His works show a timeless universe, full of personal truths and poetry.
Sébastien is always searching for new forms, images, paper found in the street, old magazines, stamps or photos taken during his travels. In the same way he studies Arabic and Japanese calligraphy to write words that can themselves become motifs.
The artistic game is to mix the two extremities to find a unity.