Joshua Baldwin

What interests Joshua Baldwin in his painting action is everything that happens, moves and models itself: movement and light. Fixing what is order in pure sensation, a ray of sunlight that hits a face, a reflection on a stone, the changing colour of the sky or the surface of a lake as the light disappears, dust being whirled by the wind, the artist wants to capture what is moving, fleeing and permanently transforming.
A painter undergoing training, Joshua Baldwin has judged the elements around him very quickly – landscapes, buildings, people, like the subjects of a solid exercise to fix the moment. Considering his own environment as an artistic subject linked to the phenomenon of time and thus change, for him it is about exploring what remains and is permeated in the ephemeral.
This exercise in transcribing the effects of time is the result of an impulsive, wild action, which gathers his power in the intensity of his colourful strokes more than in the meticulousness of his drawn outlines, a painting which explores the intensity in the very execution of the artistic process.
Artists like Monet, Van Gogh or more recently Lucian Freud have cultivated Joshua Baldwin’s desire to seize the living, to materialise time and light and its effects on the subject. This “alla prima” practice, as the artist defines himself, is the fruit of an instinctive and spontaneous practice, a confidence completely bestowed upon our feelings.