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Florent Blache

Florent Blache focuses in his work on a very small vision of the world, that is to say an artistic perception based on the observation of a microcosm, reality perceived as a multitude of small cells and miniscule elements that operate in space. Relating to the Dutch philosopher Spinoza, who considered the sum of religion and nature constituted the whole universe, the artist considers himself to be like a painter of spirituality; his way of approaching the world does not limit itself to what he sees but also takes into account the invisible parts that make it up. The subject and object of his art are, however, completely different.
He considers realness to be a complete composition that simplifies and smoothens out the reality of things. The artist therefore mixes acrylic painting and ink designs in his creations, preferring to present an unstructured and deconstructed vision. Faces and bodies appear beneath forms of fragmented colours that add to the image, superimpose themselves over it and fuse together. Mouths, noses and gazes interweave in works with a cubist allure and form an ensemble of paradoxes and contradictions that, for the artist, define the world.
The marks of the drawing and the solid blocks of colour of the paint allow Florent Blache to realise a split and multiple reality. The darkness that covers all the depths and constitutes the basis of all of the artist’s compositions therefore takes on a primordial role. Far from evoking a form of despair or tragedy, he incarnates the return to the self, the realisation, the analysis. On the surface, luminous colours come to dance together – red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple – incarnating the universe in its multiplicity.