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Valérie Brizard

Valerie grew up in Paris and nothing predestined her to become an artist. She began training to be a hairdresser from which she graduated with a diploma in 1988. During this training she was passionate about art and old hairstyles. Gradually, she developed an interest in art and drawing.
Having not yet found her passion, she did many odd jobs, but at the age of 31 her aunt (a painter) sent her an easel, oil paints, a palette and some brushes. This gift awakened her artistic curiosity.
She decided to start creating and painted her first picture entitled "The Little Lost Village". These first steps in painting left her entourage doubtful. But Valerie loved this painting, which triggered an artistic fervour in her, and she began creating as a self-taught painter. However at the time, her work as a salesperson was very engaging and kept her from devoting her time to her paintings.
At 40, Valerie returned to her brushes and explored different techniques: oil paint, lacquer and acrylic with a preference for the latter. With a lively and dynamic personality, she works with and enjoys its spontaneity and rapid drying time. She plays with nuances and shades of gray, white, brown, blue ... all punctuated with touches of bright colours. With great precision she creates vertical and horizontal axes, which provide structure and openness to her works.
She is inspired by the sea as much as by the earth and creates imaginary landscapes and cities. She invites the viewer to enter her world and gives free rein to her imagination.
Since 2009 she is an acclaimed artist, participating in exhibitions and has made painting a part of her daily life. The painting of her early days has turned into an abstract and expressionist style from which chimerical cities emerge.