Nathalie Chauvel

From a young age in Brittany, Nathalie was passionate about drawing. She sketched cartoon personalities and reproductions of paintings that she saw in art books at home.
Her friends and family supported her interest and gave her tubes of paint, watercolours, acrylics, oils, pigments, pencils, canvases, sketch pads… and quickly she had all the equipment she would need to paint. On graduating from high school, she chose to study History without, however, ceasing her painting. After her degree she moved to southwest France, to Bordeaux where she has lived ever since.
Nathalie refines her technique little by little. She prepares her canvases by applying marble powder with gesso (synthetic plaster that makes the surface smoother and more adherent, while reducing the absorption of the paint) to the entire surface. She applies two or three coats and then paints with pigments. In this way, the backgrounds of her canvases resemble old walls. Nathalie likes the time worn and historic aspect of country paintings and old film posters.
She is inspired by cinema personalities. She takes an ephemeral image from a scene and adapts the context to reflect a universe full of old, elegant and poetic charm. She is brilliantly successful at bringing the atmosphere of the original film alive, even while the notion of time, just as past history, seems different. She works the colours and blots them until they melt into the canvas.
At 38, Nathalie joined the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux. For four years she discovered how to work the materials and backgrounds, refining her technique before becoming a professional artist in 2012 when she began to exhibit. Wishing to share her art and her knowledge, Nathalie also gives painting and illustration classes in children’s workshops.