Christine Colas

Her paintings are just like her: colourful and bursting with life! After studying for a degree in the Arts, Christine Colas studied further to become a television host through her interest in journalism. She started drawing and took oil painting classes at the Beaux-Arts in Metz and at the Jacques Brel Centre in Thionville. She believes each painting to be a spontaneous adventure, guided by an idea or a state of mind; the first stroke of the paint brush leads the rest.

Inspired without a doubt by Giacometti and his silhouette pieces, by Chagall and his dreamlike universe, by Matisse and his open windows somewhere between inside and outside, or by Kandinsky and his acute sense of colour, this artist works with different materials such as acrylic paint, coloured pencils and collages, constructing them all onto a canvas. She assembles tears, covers and scratches, guided purely by her feelings at that moment. Everything is created naturally. Motivated by street art and artists’ tags, intentionally using an assortment of wall coverings and patchwork designs, Christine Colas has, without even meaning to, created her own style. A half-way point between folklore inspired art and art brut (outsider art), her canvasses could join those of the orientalists where intimate ambiances are woven into the paintings, making the details extremely tangible.
Offering us silhouettes without faces and beings without identities, Christine Colas lays bare her emotions with sincerity and modesty and intense colours.