Noreen Coup

In 2000, a visit that made an impression on the artist was at the origin of the Noreen’s vocation for painting. On the occasion of a long stay in France, her second homeland after the United States, the interior designer went to Giverny (France) where she discovered the home of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet (nineteenth-twentieth centuries) and its famous gardens with lily ponds. She decided to study art until her departure in 2002. Back across the Atlantic, life resumed its course and took her away from her new passion. She started painting much later in 2010. Since then, Noreen has been dedicated to her work, which is exposed on both sides of the ocean.
The Franco- American artist travels extensively but remains attached to France and its picturesque fishing villages. The Greek Islands, California, Florida, Hawaii and the Caribbean sunsets also inspire her. Noreen is sensitive to these environments that celebrate the interaction between coastal nature and human occupation.
In the United States she completed her technical training from leading American painters (twentieth - twenty-first centuries) such as Larry Moore, Timothy Horn, Victoria Brooks, Dreama Tolle Perry and Leslie Saeta. She also studied with the couple Peggi Kroll and Ray Roberts during a trip to Tuscany (Italy). The contemporary works by Noreen are done in oil, worked mainly with a knife. Faithful to her inspirations, her creations are mainly devoted to marine and boating landscapes.