Laetitia Croce

After receiving her baccalaureate in literary studies with a focus on art, Laëtitia decided to enrol in visual communications at university in order to complete her art practice, which she has continued to develop and maintain for many years. Using techniques such as collage, painting, assembly and drawing, the artist draws from her imagination and her emotions in order to arrive at the graphic expression that best serves her today.
Drawn exclusively on cardboard, her works are completed in the immediacy and spontaneity of the moment, in tune with the emotion at hand, and rarely based on prior sketches. Laëtitia chose to use cardboard because of the unpolished nature of the material, reused and yellowing, since it best fits her artistic expression. Although they are often scratched, harrowed, crushed, torn, partially or completely covered up in paint and collages, her subjects are imbued with a warmth and a soft and singular aura. Her pictorial technique took shape thanks to the properties of acrylic paint that make it possible for her to play with contrasts in the texture and the light, which in turn give her work a "timeless and vibrant atmosphere".
Greatly inspired by all forms of graphic art, the artist freely interprets concrete atmospheres and qualities in other works that move her. She is particularly drawn to street art and to the American film director Tim Burton's works.
Laëtitia's characters are reflections of the intimacy of the artist at the same time as they are witnesses to our time. They carry the energy and emotions that the artist chooses to reveal to others so that each person may in turn make them their own.

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  • Laetitia Croce
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