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Ventzisla Dikov

After an intensely musical career, including attending the National Academy of Music in Sofia and the Münster School of Music in Germany, Ventzislav dedicated himself to painting and participated in his first exhibitions in the 2000’s.
Today, he is a composer of chamber and theatre music and a musician who plays regularly at festivals (in Bulgaria and abroad) as well as an artist.
His main technique is oil but he also practices drawing, collage, sculpture and photography. Sometimes in his works, these techniques come together to offer an "overdose" of images, which may or may not have obvious links between them. Ventzislav loves to "provoke", to awaken and amplify our senses and our perceptions. In the same spirit, he often creates, outside his studio, multimedia and audiovisual performances.
As a musician and painter, his creative approach involves a search for correlations between sound and colour, music and shapes. In many of his works, Ventzislav explores the human body through unconscious attitudes, expressions on the faces where emotions can be detected, and instinctive affections. Despite the representation of certain objects, landscapes or figures in his works, he describes his painting as abstract.
A significant portion of his most recent works explores the theme of the labyrinth, which he sees as an opportunity for multiple choices. Thus at the heart of his studio, he begins his creative process by browsing, as in the twists and turns of a maze, the notes, sketches, newspapers scattered around him.
Much as the association of notes in music, Ventzislav offers us in his paintings, a variety of colour combinations associated with dreamlike universes, for multiple interpretations.