Christine Doucedame

Christine grew up in Paris amidst the palettes and brushes of her painter/sculptor father. At a young age she liked to wander around his studio and developed a passion for art. At the age of 8 she began painting still lifes in oil.
After her high school degree, she began training in Fine Arts and then worked as a graphic designer for ten years, where she became art director for advertising agencies.
In 1986 a turning point took place in her life: she decided to devote herself entirely to her family and her passion for painting. She left the bustle of Paris and her professional universe to settle in Provence, where she trained in art techniques and attended evening classes at the School of Fine Arts.
Scenes of daily life have always fascinated her. Christine paints moments of life; happy little scenes that take place in public places. In her works one finds bars, beaches and swimming pools peopled with friendly and perky characters. She loves human contact and paints the conversations and meetings that she observes.
The artist first draws in her sketchbook, then transposes her sketches onto the canvas. This technique allows her to keep only the essentials.
Christine creates the background by using warm colours in an abstract style, which she uses to make the colours sing, and then simplifies the characters into caricature. She lets the protagonists evolve freely amidst a mysterious scenery.
Since 2010, she has participated in and conducted workshops with live models at the Académie Libre (Puyricard). This association near Aix en Provence, which teaches and promotes the visual arts, was founded by her husband Nicolas Doucedame, himself an artist.

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