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Tatiana Jmara

Tatiana was born and raised in a family of teachers in Kherson, Ukraine where her father taught Fine Art. Raised in the special light of this port city, she has a passion for seascapes. As a young adult, she left to study art in St. Petersburg, where she learned watercolour, oil and engraving techniques.
Back in her native country, she completed her university education at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Odessa. In 1993, she was awarded the title of professor of art education and higher education. She exhibited for the first time in Kiev in 1994. After the fall of the Soviet Union, she went to live in Argentina. She moved to Buenos Aires in 1995 and earned the title of artist at the San Telmo Art Fair, organized by the Museo de la Ciudad. She continued her graduate studies at the Ernesto Carcova School of Fine Arts, under the direction of Julio Raccioppi. Her years in Argentina were influenced by the work of watercolourist Lola Frexas whose works of urban architecture she admires. A professional painter, she now lives and works in the Catalan city of Manresa, Spain.
Her works are present in several countries (Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Italy, France, USA, Spain and Argentina).
While the artist has mastered several techniques, her preferred medium is watercolour. Her subjects are many and varied (portraits, landscapes, still lifes). Tatiana loves to capture the atmosphere of cities at different times of the day. Seascapes of the coast of Spain revive childhood memories. Her delicate compositions draw attention to a set of colours or a particular point of view. Quickly executed, they give the impression of scenes that have been "sketched on the spot." But beyond the realism of the subject, her works reflect primarily a subjective experience. They are the transcript of an experienced sensation and not the absolute truth. The artist offers us a vision of reality reinterpreted through her own sensibility.