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Former student at the École du Louvre and des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Marc was first trained in the practices of painting and sculpture, before specialising in drawing and engraving techniques. Having devoted himself to restoring church paintings for a long time and having made a great many trips to North Africa and Mediterranean Europe, Marc returned to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region to open his workshop-gallery. Artist and teacher, he offers practical placements to his students there and also gives fine arts lessons at the École Municipale de Nice.
Strongly influenced by his numerous trips to North Africa – Morocco and Tunisia principally – Italy and Spain, Marc developed his artistic practice and his imagery, essentially oriented towards his travels and his encounters. Beginning his drawings from watercolours, pastels or oil paints, and following the “painting on the motif” technique, in other words in situ, the artist from Nice then perfects and finalises his works in his workshop. The subjects – inspired by his long wanderings in cities, his readings, his memories and museum visits – are bathed in light and seem to be steeped in an ambiance that is as warm as it is relaxing.
An accomplished designer, Marc’s characters are sometimes represented as simple sketches, and other times, profoundly detailed, the artist deliberately making all of the constituent elements appear with precision and sensitivity. Architectural decors are, for their part, of mainly Baroque influence and give the ensemble a silent and respectful atmosphere, almost resembling a sort of religious aura.