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Learning the rules in order to forget them, and creating her own identity, such are the lessons that Leeloo keeps to in her Fine Arts studio. Her inspiration and artistic convictions are also drawn from her many trips to the United States, Africa and the Islands.
A native of Normandy, her career started in advertising and creative arts workshops. Wishing to return to her core values, she left everything to discover cold metal under the hot Vaucluse sun.
She works in iron, a cold, strong medium that warms up and changes colour. Weathered by rust, it becomes brittle, burnt, damaged. It is at this point that, for Leeloo, the paradox is revealed: the metal reveals the burning soul or on the contrary, its light. A contrast found in various human feelings such as tenderness versus savagery.
Her choice of this material also represents the ability to last and to be constantly changing, the hues of iron being varied and very different depending on the rust that appears. And this evolutionary phenomenon between a cold metal and warm colours is in itself an emotion.
She works the rust on painted or partially coated backgrounds. She applies her collage and may paint certain parts, then adding colour or gold to create contrast and relief. After this artistic construction, she burns a part of the work to bring out the metal and gives a final finish with a varnish to fix the rust and colours.
In this way Leeloo creates a work that expresses implicitly the many facets of man, such as femininity, sensitivity, delicacy, or the opposites of more raw and basic animal images.
Leeloo’s works are the expression of an emotion, a thrill, pain or happiness. Stories written on an uncommon material with amazing effects which leave the wealth of a poetic imagination before our eyes, in constant mutation.