M Bourianne

Fascinated by the inventiveness and imagination of children, Myriam Bourianne produces portraits whose innocence and fragility is transformed into a rainbow of colours and textures. Marrying materials such as fabric, acrylics, lace, paper, metal, ink and natural pigments, the artist composes from her visual environment and reinterprets the figure of the child by sketching small characters with immense and curious looks.
Their large eyes, which fix on us like the fixed on the artist when they were created, sometimes melancholic, amused or happy, mirror our emotions and reflect the sensational, instinctual and living elements contained in the world. They are passages from one side of a world to the other, from the real to the imaginary, from the tangible to the fantastic, from fact to invention.
The fantasy figure of the child, a coloured projection area, takes charge of the infinite range of its nuances, the depth and multiplicity that we feel. The chromatic and luminous intensity gives a glimpse of generous characters, turned towards us and the world, almost weightless in a world that seems built for their sense, a world that responds to them, stimulates them and shapes them.
This passage from one world to another through these clear, almost transparent looks also symbolises the tipping from one age to another. There is a small gap in the end for Myriam Bourianne between what shapes us as adults and what nourishes us as children. The rite of initiation holds in the assimilation of all of these sensorial forces, which allow us to conserve the child in each of us later on.