Frederique Mangin

Seven years ago, she rediscovered her colour set, put away during her studies, never to let it go again, but on the contrary, to draw on pictorial oxygen that became vital. Frédérique Mangin has always drawn. She even remembers her drawings from nursery school. As a child and an adolescent, this favourite pastime pursued her and captivated her. She painted people, faces and bodies.
Unable to choose between figurative and abstract, the artist creates paintings on her canvases that she neither wants to analyse nor intellectualise. A spectator of her own work, which reveals itself to her, F. Mangin refuses to be given a label, instead we should rather throw ourselves passionately and joyfully into a world of colours and movements, where meaning meets coherence. Vermeer, Klimt and Caravage conveyed the meaning of light and chiaroscuro to her, which she explores through her characters, essentially female, in times of grace and flight when faced with an oppressive reality. Everything is alive and colourful as if through a light-filled window open on the world or in a moment to breathe and leave behind any worries. Always composing her works to music, Frédérique Mangin uses large block colours in her paintings, which can be superimposed on two to four layers. The shadows surrounding her human figures turn into veils which extend them, make them evanescent and overcome them. The artist said she received a wonderful gift, that of a “pair of painting shoes”! And these shoes have led her a long way!