Véronique Mansart

Veronique Mansart was born in Amiens in 1961. An only child, she fought against boredom by drawing, and put together a veritable collection of coloured pencils, markers and paint tubes. Led by her passion for colour, she made heavy use of it. She saw each birthday as a way to expand her palette of shades. Then she began copying Gauguin (French painter of the nineteenth century) and the masters of Impressionism as training. To her great regret, life and its obligations did not allow her to study art or make it her career, but her creativity never left her and was just waiting to be expressed. At the age of 28, she had a decisive encounter. For a time she had a relationship with a Spanish painter, for whom painting had been transmitted from father to son for generations. Thanks to this relationship, the artist became aware of her desire to paint. She attended classes in the evening and took part in private workshops in order to find her own universe. Frustrated, she broke free quickly to focus on colour. Today a full-fledged artist, she has made her family name, itself containing "art", her pseudonym. Mansart’s work combines collage techniques with oil painting. Sitting at her easel, she says she is, "caught by an obsessive need to cover all the white." Her palette, full of intense reds and shades of turquoise, is soothed by light touches of beige gray and white, giving her paintings an atmosphere of tranquillity and pleasure. The artist likes to work material effects with a knife, which, according to her, allows for light and lively gestures and greater freedom of expression. Her compositions most often represent a fictional silent nature in which appear here and there shades of red roofs. She sometimes introduces her favourite characters: women and cats. After a year of intensive painting and development of her style, the artist joined several exhibitions and Parisian art fairs. She was an immediate success.
Today her work pleases and transmits her serenity around the world, which is, for her, the best reward.