Jean-Charles Millepied

Jean-Charles grew up in a family of artists and musicians. Inspired by this environment, he began his career in jewellery design. But it is only later in life, after immersion and various encounters in the art world, that he decided to devote himself to painting, then joining the School of Fine Arts.
The currents of French lyrical abstraction and the American abstract expressionists influence him, as do his travels in Africa and the Indian Ocean. For Jean-Charles, any discovery (trip or meeting) is a source of inspiration.
In his technique Jean-Charles uses acrylics embellished with prints and collages. In his work, the act of painting creates meaning and not the other way around. Gestural strokes, rhythm and intensity enliven fields rich in colours and in materials of the past. The artist intensely works the material, reworking and changing it. His painting is spontaneous and part of a dynamic and spirited abstraction.
The main theme of his work is linked to notions of appearances, disappearances, matter and spirit. Jean-Charles wishes to express raw emotions to which traces, tracks or accidents give a certain sense. The writing and symbols are superimposed, burrowing in a richly coloured and highly structured background. It is within these strata that the mysteries of origin and memory that each human has in the depths of his being are inscribed. Jean-Charles tries to maintain this childlike soul, and not to forget his dreams or his ability to dream. He wants above all to create interest, to question, to create a shock, excitement, intrigue, but above all to give happiness to anyone not wearing the blinders of Art History.
Jean-Charles wants to restore the disqualified emotions of our childhood. His work awakens in the viewer a call to gaiety and a warm and genuine dreaminess.