Olga Pais

Since the early 2000’s, Olga has led a career as a drawing teacher, graphic designer and painter. Her brilliant performance at university concluded in 2011 with a doctorate from the School of Fine Arts in Seville (Spain). This rich professional and academic background explains her many artistic influences, from modernism to the Baroque to Oriental art. The German Paul Klee, the Russian Wassily Kandinsky and the Dutch Piet Mondrian (nineteenth and twentieth century painters) are some of her main references.
Since childhood, Olga has spent most of her free time on the beach or in the mountains, in the fresh air from which she draws much of her inspiration. Yet she resides in the city of Seville, in a dynamic and exciting environment conducive to creativity. The urban or rural landscapes that hold her attention have generally been shaped by humans; they contain the characteristic geometric features of architecture and design. Olga creates her own work from this observed reality.
Photography is a fundamental step in her creative process. This technique offers her a valuable step in capturing details. The decorative arts are also included in her areas of exploration. Floor coverings such as tiles or pavements are frames or ‘modular systems’, of particular interest for their ability to animate the pictorial space. The same goes for textile design. The various methods she implements are her language. She finds her capacity of expression in the diversity of materials available to enrich her work. After an initial design on paper, wood or fabric, Olga may combine techniques as varied as watercolour, acrylic, gouache, ink, latex, marker or collage.