Michel Pelletier

Passionate about painting since a very young age, Michel received an artistic education, which determined his career pursuits, becoming the student of the Lyon illustrator Antoine Pochet (1887-1975). Despite the earliness and the success of his first works – he began presenting his works from the age of 15 at many regional events – he chose to pursue his studies in commerce and accounting, which led him to become an insurance broker for more than two decades. It was only in autumn 1994 that he decided to devote himself definitively and completely to the practice of his art.
He then opened a workshop-gallery in his hometown that he ran for almost fifteen years. His techniques of choice, watercolour and oil painting using a knife, give him the opportunity to express all of his sensitivity in the re-transcription of the subjects he met and discovered on his travels. Opting mainly for the practice of workshop painting, Michel produces his works from photos and sketches made on site; this artistic process allows him to call upon his memory and to stimulate his imagination by reactivating his memories.
A fan of works and techniques of the famous painters Van Gogh and Gauguin, he also draws his inspiration from the works of more contemporary artists, such as Bernard Cathelin, John Singer Sargent or Camille Hilaire. Lively, generous and colourful, his painting claims to be a translation of his life, the image of a book where every new page reveals an aspect of the personal evolution of its author.

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