Marie Ponsar Montagnat

Mary grew up in Chambery and began her drawings and comic strips nearly childhood. She was passion about art and foreign languages, with a penchant for Spanish.
At 20, Marie received her first commission: thumbnail illustrations for the French Alpine Club of Savoy journal. The humour expressed in this commission oriented the style of her work for several years, and comics would become her favourite medium of creation.
She taught Spanish for twenty years and developed a passion for Iberian culture. Meanwhile, she continued her humorous creations of boards inspired by her family and her personal life.
In 1990, Mary began a new artistic phase and ventured into illustration. She studied at the Grenoble School of Fine Arts for ten years and refined her technique before devoting herself entirely to painting in 2000. This latter form of creation was a revelation for her and gave her the opportunity to display larger works.
For her paintings, she uses several techniques: acrylic paint or oil, applied with either brush or knife. She uses warm colours and plays with light. The artist’s message comes through her transmission of energy and movement. A hint of malice can be felt in her works, which depict portraits and scenes of everyday life.
Her inspirations are many: her entourage, the energy of children or even cats. Painters such as Pierre Bonnard (late nineteenth century) for his colour schemes and Egon Shiele (twentieth century) for his portraits also influence her work.
Marie opened her studio in 2001 in Isère where she regularly opens her doors to the public.