Cecile Pujol

From an early age, Cécile drew everything around her (pictures, objects, landscapes). She earned her high school diploma in Fine Arts, trained in Paris as a fashion designer, and then spent a year in England, specializing in textiles, attracted by the patterns and colours. The work of Austrian painter Egon Schiele and his expressionist stroke made a lasting impression on her and she made the artist the subject of her end of year thesis.
After working as a graphic designer in a design agency, she quickly left the fashion world to move towards the world of entertainment, which in her mind was more creative. She joined the Bastille Opera as a costume designer and enjoyed working with the fabrics and seeing them move on the dancers' bodies. Cécile sees the theatre as a true ‘tableau vivant’ in perpetual motion. In 2004 she returned to the south of France in search of a peaceful environment to raise her family.
There she began painting large canvases. Movement is very important to Cécile; she uses space easily and is free from any technical constraints. She prefers using acrylics for their ease of use and she integrates papers and letters, which she then removes in order to leave only their trace. In a way she reproduces the choreographies of the dancers that she dressed in the past. The work of soiled, faded, weathered, and rubbed fabrics has developed in her the idea that artistic creation is nourishing when linked to the instability of things.
Today, her paintings always reflect this view. Her strokes grow without limit, often abstract but always rooted in the earth and the materials. Cecilia fills her canvases with tracks, grooves, scratches ... much like a path, or with silence and rest as a sudden peaceful space. Cécile’s painting reflects her vision of nature with all the contrasts it contains: calm and agitation, immobility and movement, bright colours and intense greys.