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Waldomiro Santanna

The images, visions and references multiply in front of a painting by Waldomiro Santanna. The female characters remind us of figures by the Brazilian painter Di Cavalcanti, the boys seem to come straight from a painting by Candido Torquado Portinari, the surrealist settings evoke certain atmospheres like Chagall and some geometry of cubist structures.
An academically trained painter, Waldomiro Santanna has learnt to master techniques, treatments of painting and styles at the Sao Paulo School of Fine Arts, allowing him today to assert a single practice where many inspirations and references meet. His paintings experiment with a figurative style, close to the research of the avant-garde, between symbolism and surrealism. They call upon subtle forms and colours, which advance more through subtraction and define themselves by hiding by the effect of superposition and transparency.
Varying his approaches, the artist raises the question of the human condition, the solitude of man, his trials but also his pleasures, his dreams, his projections. Defining his style as a “modern or lyrical figurative expressionism”, Waldomiro Santanna adds gestures to create an abundant result, where figures, block colours and forms rub shoulders.
But it is not in the quest for harmony that the artist adds a reference to the other: it is the tension which is always more important on the surface of the canvas that interests the artist. The contrast, the thickness, the material, the texture, the conflict which distinguishes them but also definitively links them.