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Sissi Schupp

For Sissi Shupp, painting is life! Born in 1948 in Vienna, Austria into a family interested in art, she quickly realized she had a special relationship with contemporary art. At a very young age, and as a reflection of her favourite artist, the French Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901), she drew and painted a lot before a romantic encounter, an equally early marriage and the birth of four children put a parenthesis around her vocation as an artist. Then the desire to create returned to her thirty years later. While she did not go to university, she attended the summer International Fine Arts Academy in Salzburg (Austria), which allowed her to hone her skills at a high level. She was able to develop internationally and visited the Zhou Brothers Art Gallery (Chicago) and worked with Jacobo Borges, an artist from Venezuela. These were defining moments in her artistic career.
Her favourite technique is a mixed technique, combining collage and acrylic and inserting many photos into her works that tell of moments, instants of life. She likes to paint quickly and intuitively. Although she also deals with design and interior design, painting remains her main creative field. Her work addresses the drama of humanity, the contrast between youth and age and the question of inevitable physical decline: "Man, who must face life, is full of drama," she is known to say. Thus she transforms these existential questions into objects, installations and photos series in order to make stories. Her painting, figurative only, also addresses more intimate topics such as her relationship with her mother. She now regularly exhibits her creations in Carinthia where she lives, but also in Italy and Slovenia. Although still inhabited by doubt, Sissi Shupp methodically continues her work: "In the coming years, I want to progress. But one cannot force things; we must do things step by step. Step by step..."