Françoise Soizeau

It is all the same to Françoise if her painting is abstract or figurative. What matters above all is the medium. Using different techniques and media, whether playing with tracks, signs and writing, she tries to revive distant memories. If each of her works is different, we nevertheless always find the artist’s sensitivity in her playing with the tracks, footprints, signs and writings by using collage or by including rusty objects in her works. One goal: to create emotion. It is in this search for individuality that she greets the audience: "I like to think that the viewer will be carried away by emotion, surprise or even astonishment and enter in my creative game," says the artist. A commitment like that of the great Pablo Picasso who said: "A painting lives only through the viewer."
A native of the Basque Country, Françoise lives and works in Anglet, a city in which she has participated in numerous painting exhibitions, in art fairs as well as group exhibitions. Several solo exhibitions have been devoted to her work such as at the hotel Miramar in Biarritz and more recently at the Atalante Cinema in Bayonne. A member of the "Post- Pictura, Pictura est" group since 1993, she participates in many painting workshops.
She has won numerous awards: 1st prize at Anglet, 1st prize at Boucau, Regional Council Prize at the Fontaine Laborde Regional Art Fair, 1st Prize (twice) and 2nd Brouillarta prize for Biarritz artists. Her figurative works are available in different themes: "secret trees," "paper women," and "timeless portraits" in which she revives women of the past using techniques of the 21st century. Childhood, this both fragile and magical moment, is often present in her works.

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