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Susanne Sorensen

Before graduating from the Arnhem School of Arts (Netherlands), Susanne undertook studies in landscape architecture and town planning. This influences her works and maps, towns and landscapes are recurring concepts in her pieces.
The way man travelled around the world over centuries, using different means of transport, is a source of inspiration. Her cycle “Airborne” (2012/2014) and its flying engines is a good example of this. These explorers who went abroad but also into space led to “Invasion and Invaders” in 2012.
The way man uses or copies nature’s inventions also generates ideas and reflections for her, which give birth to many series of paintings.
The construction of these is elaborated with sheets and tracing papers superposed or on canvases. She constantly uses a mixture of techniques. Among them are acrylic, pencil, pen, raw pigments, engraving and scratching of the paper, charcoal and photography.
Susanne always chooses a specific theme. Once this has been defined, she explores it in depth and creates a range of unique compositions, which are coherent amongst themselves. It is a way of studying and going into the subject in depth for her.
These themes revolve around journeys, explorations, paths composed of organic (landscapes, fabrics, materials) and mechanical (technological devices, urban fabrics, etc.) structures. Susanne’s works offer the discovery of new forms of life and new cartographies. They are like “views from a satellite” which express themselves in front of the observer’s eyes.