Erick Vuillier

Erick grew up in a literary family where books were a shield against boredom and conformity. Inspired by the illustrations and war albums of his grandfather (a child in 1914), he began drawing very early.
His childhood took place in the carefree ambiance of a loving, hippy and bourgeois family in the 60’s and 70’s. After high school he studied architecture, but was never truly passionate about the subject.
Erick discovered sculpture during an exhibition in Paris of Zadkine, a sculptor of Russian origin from the twentieth century. It was a revelation: the wood, the colour, the pleasure of shaping, the joy of giving life raw material. Erick came to art as others come to religion. Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti and Fernand Léger become his masters. He attended art workshops given by the city of Paris and sculpting classes at the Henri IV High School. He discovered metalworking and the magic of welding. He followed a course in brassware, working sheets of metal (copper, brass, silver).
To create his sculptures, Erick always begins with drawing. His sketches become works of art in their own right: ink on paper or acrylic paintings.
His main source of inspiration is the female body and its voluptuousness. He is also interested in the body in general: athletic torsos of men, wrestlers, horses animals of all sorts, centaurs... Ultimately, if the subject matter is interesting, only the technique counts, this "small miracle where a sheet of paper becomes a work of art".
Fascinated by the naked baody, he follows a long line of representations of the nude. An admirer of Rodin, Erick chooses movement and violence for his drawings. The luminous bodies are always in struggle, whether in an embrace or in combat.