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Yasmina Ziyat

Yasmina was born and raised in southern Morocco where she began drawing and painting at the age of 5. She has always been interested in construction and composition using various materials. After a diploma in Fine Arts she continued her studies at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan (Northern Morocco). There she learned the principles of drawing, sculpture and design. At the time she discovered the influences of several artists such as Lucio Fontana (Argentinean sculpture and painter), Louise Bourgeois (French artist) and Alberto Burri (Italian artist). After graduation, she worked in a company that made cartoons for two years to earn a living. During this time she suffered from her move away from art, so she decided to leave her job and devote herself fully to her art.
Yasmina uses many materials: pigments, alum stones, needles, wire, copper, nylon, cotton and transparent fabrics. She uses principally women’s tights. Her approach is to show a feminine world full of secrets, ambiguities, pain and happiness. She consciously chooses the elements and materials according to a need that may be formal, aesthetic or purely instinctive and emotional.
Her approach is based on finding a balance between light and shadow. Yasmina does not want to create a flat image, but to open a deep space, creating a more homogenous and balanced universe. The superposition of the elements, the transparency of nylon and the rips through which the light shines through create a play of light and shadow whose aim is both to conceal and to reveal. This contrast represents the tensions that can be found in today’s society.
Yasmina’s works are like a theatre play that recounts the life of human beings, their sorrows and their joys. These are dream worlds in which individuals are attached to each other, where the warmth is pervasive, and the materialistic world is absent.

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