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C. Duchêne

Originally from Paris, Catherine began her education in pictorial praxis alongside the painter Jean-Yves Guionet, before being admitted into the Fine Arts School of Versailles. After graduating in 2004, she continued her studies by enrolling in a training programme in art therapy in Arles. Today she is living in Avignon and is devoted to her own artistic work in her atelier in Avignon. In 2013 she completed her first monography titled "Des Femmes et des Dieux" ("Women and Gods"). Her use of ink and acrylic paint on her canvas gives her figurative subjects a decidedly expressive appearance. The artist feels and creates her paintings by using her entire body. Her pieces contain movement and rhythm and are the product of the artist's full commitment towards her discipline. As if to enter into communion with her subject, the human being, Catherine invests herself entirely in each piece, giving free range to her body and emotions and letting them express themselves without restraint on her canvas. Bathed in light and endowed with brightly coloured tones, Catherine's pieces attract the onlooker's gaze and call out to them. For the artist, the beauty expressed, brought about by the gesture, looms over the visual aesthetic. Much more fascinating than the faithful reproduction of the anatomy of the subjects is the vital force of the bodies represented and the energy that surges behind the harmony of the lines of each body. The artist sets aside any intellectual analysis of the concept and works instead on the sensitivity of the piece. She studies it in order to produce a painting that puts forth the instinct that goes into its completion.

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