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Bernadette Le Mee

Born into a Hungarian family (which arrived in France in the 1950’s), at the age of 4 Le Mee began making small books of illustrations. Every summer, her aunt (herself a Hungarian children's illustrator), took her to visit many museums and encouraged her in her art. Painting and art were sources of escape for her and she joined the School of Fine Arts course in Cambrai.

Following this training she worked in a printing workshop. She travelled throughout different countries and during a visit to Sri Lanka she learned Batik, a technique for printing on fabrics. On her return to France, she decided to pass this knowledge on. She continued her work while diversifying her activities. She became a colourist then a creator of theatre sets and had a series of "odd jobs" unrelated to art. At the age of 33 she went to Paris and followed an artistic education at University.

Meanwhile, she developed her artistic technique around watercolour: she works successive layers of wash and wax giving a denser result ​​while still retaining a transparent quality.

Le Mee paints women of the world, detailing their clothes, colours and shapes. She reproduces scenes of everyday life where the humanity and sensitivity of human beings appear brilliantly. This childlike representation of characters and scenery is the result of meetings, reading and various happenings. Her poetic and childlike style of painting allows her to express the harsh social and ecological upheaval of our world.

The Free Figuration (1980) and Surrealism (twentieth century) movements inspire her creations.

Since 2011, Le Mee has devoted herself entirely to her passion. She feeds on her varied experiences to create colourful and touching universes.