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Kiki’s origins are from the Far East. The artist was born on the island of Java, in the former Dutch colony of Indonesia. Her name, Kiki stands for Kikusan, the Japanese nickname of her maternal grandmother. Her early interest in art concerned her parents, who did not imagine that she could make it her career. To reassure them, she conceded to not follow purely artistic studies and moved towards a more conventional curriculum. Having trained as a visual arts teacher, she still remained in contact with her passion. She discovered new techniques and learned the use of different materials. In the end, teaching pleased her, and gave her enough time to devote herself to the vocation of art.

Most of Kiki’s work revolves around ceramic sculpture. But the Dutch artist also works in metal and textiles. Her two dimensional compositions are more recent. She makes collages combining different materials. These works are not dictated by a topic or theme, but are directly inspired by the materials; their colours, their structures and their forms.

Kiki grew up in the 50s. At that time her clothes were made ​​and decorated by her mother from salvaged pieces. Today Kiki follows this example. She chooses her materials from her vast collection of small objects, fabrics, lace and photos. Then she improves their appearance before combining them. Through these works, the artist is not trying to convey a message, but offers an aesthetic experience. The calm that emanates from her work evokes the Japanese art of Zen: an obvious influence from her Asian roots.