Erin Ashley

Originally from Naples in Florida, Erin was always a creative child but had never envisaged becoming a painter artist one day. She discovered art during a family activity when she tried representing a flower for her children. The penny dropped immediately and ever since she has never left her paintbrushes.

The American painter produces her works without any preconceived idea and therefore never knows what her finished work will look like. She simply imagines each canvas as the symbolisation of a journey to a pleasant destination. Erin is heavily inspired by the beauty that emanates from any object changed by time: a flaky painting, the rust present on old tools made of corroded metal, or even the dilapidation of buildings attacked over the years. Using tubes of paint, she seeks to re-transcribe this splendour that moves her by offering the viewer her personal interpretation, continually bathed in light.

Her works are produced on canvases or wooden planks and are composed of many colours and textures. Playing with superimposing layers, Erin continually does her utmost to uncover the old with the new. As such, the artist uses fragments of typed paper that she inserts into her canvases and then recovers more or less partially with acrylic paint mixed with various media. She then takes action on her support by intertwining and juxtaposing the pictorial materials with the documents. Resolutely abstract, her works consider the modernity of our world and its numerous transformations.