Christelle Bauduin

Native of a small village in Northern France, Christelle began painting at the age of 4. As a child she participated in many painting workshops and played with shape and colour.

Influenced by her family, she at first chose to study sciences (degree in Mathematics). For several years she was a maths teacher and then a dental technician, but never gave up her passion for painting.

A self-taught artist, Christelle is encouraged in her art by her friends. Her first meetings in the art world were successful and her art was well received. Major life events made her realise that time is precious and so she took the decision to devote herself fully to her art.

Christelle seeks to express the feelings that invade her. From solitude to sharing to nostalgia, her work is a reflection of her emotions. She creates a naïve and childlike universe where characters, landscapes and imaginary cities are intertwined. The artist plays on the colourful and graphic aspect of urban landscapes. Some of her paintings are teeming with people and details. Others, however, are stark and time seems to have stopped. For Christelle everything is a question of balance. Her work is above all spontaneous. Strokes and colours are instinctively laid out on the canvas. Then comes work of precision and thoroughness where she focuses entirely on her subject. She works the depth and intensity of colours with acrylic vinyl paint (an opaque and resistant paint).

In 2011, Christelle tackled a challenge and made a change in her style of painting. Her personal life led her to a whole new world where she now works more in white, grey and with light. The new canvases are an emotional shock that prompt the viewer to ask questions…