Véronique Paquereau

The artistic techniques of the French artist Véronique Paquereau are mixed, eclectic and individual. A daughter of printers, she developed an approach steeped in the methods of printing, reproduction, paper material, wood and the smell of inks. Combining oil painting, watercolour and collages of various materials, alternating with canvas or wood supports, the artist offers a range of colour palettes and formats, from round to rectangular and square to diversify her creative territory as much as possible.

A restorer of rugs and creator of tapestries, Véronique Paquereau combines precision, rigour and attention to detail, composing the final texture, the aspect for the most universal of themes, man, his solitude, his happiness, his melancholy. At first, silhouettes lying down without a face populate her compositions that have pastel shades and romantic allures. Then, progressively, expressions emerge on the curved heads, as if they have been photographed in the middle of a moment of grace and extreme emotion.

Landscapes finally see the light on these little dreamlike windows. Captured to scale of an ensemble or caught in detail, they are available in a range of blue, square, yellow, grey, navy, a life moment, rectangular, canvas-bound, diptych like sheet music or the poem in several sonnets, places, beings, moments that constitute the artist’s intimate memory.

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Paris Ile Saint-Louis (4ème) Paris Ile Saint-Louis (4ème)
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