Annick Hadacek

After many years spent teaching language initially for the French National Education, then in the training department in Peugeot factories in the Paris region, Annick made a radical career change in the early 2000s. She spent some time with her family in Australia, then in Asia, before returning to France and setting up in Lyon, where in 1998 she joined the workshop run by the artist painter Jean-Jacques Tarare.

Annick only works from oil paints and dedicates time to producing each of her paintings. Her canvases are generally prepared in accordance with the traditional method; in other words, she coats them before laying on the pictorial matter. The artist also resorts to other types of support, such as cardboard, paper or wood. Highly introspective, her approach is far from a quick and instinctive production. Seeking to “highlight what has been buried”, Annick makes an effort to reveal then transcribe on the canvas this unconscious activity that every individual shuts away in his or her mind. It is produced patiently and meticulously, thus allowing the artist the necessary time to fully seize her subject.

Nourished by her many memories of trips to the other side of the globe, the painter principally draws from memory, but is also inspired by all objects, loaded with history, that make up her surroundings. Her painting is emotional, intimate and it is only when the work, once completed, corresponds to her profound inwardness that Annick considers her work to be a success.