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Suzanne Lastrina

Suzanne fell in love with making art when she was a little girl and has always felt the need to express her emotions in the form of drawing and painting. However, when she was a teenager, she was strongly encouraged to undertake a professional path that took her away from making art; and even though she was able to find a job and to have a family that met her expectations, she continued to feel frustrated. She began to have the same dream over and over again during a long period of time until she finally picked up her paintbrushes again in 1985 and never put them down again.

Suzanne thrives in the pursuit of expressing herself artistically as it feeds her soul and spirit. In the beginning she experimented with various materials and techniques and took many trips to the south of Europe that would later deeply inspire her work. Therefore, the artist created a series of canvases around the theme of ancient architecture, pottery, nature and cultures. Suzanne is a self-taught artist and paints according to her desires, letting herself be guided by her feelings and intuition, which come to her while she is making art.

Initially attached to her emotions and to the atmosphere that surrounded the places she visited, Suzanne began to see, over the years, characters slowly begin to appear and to impose themselves more and more in her depictions. Today, they are at the heart of her creations, always interpreted according to a chromatic pallet that is relatively homogeneous and with little contrast. Delicately sketched, her figures, which are as atypical as they are poetic, seem to belong to another world or to have hopped right out of a storybook or a book of legends.