Marianne Quinzin

Marianne has always been interested in making art and she remembers the mountainous landscape she experienced as a child and her passion for drawing and for designing costumes. She first followed her passion for the theatre by studying creative craftsmanship at the École des Arts Décoratifs (School of Decorative Arts) of Grenoble, before enrolling at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts (National School of Fine Arts) of Lyon. Her two majors perfectly match the artist's "curious and inquisitive nature" and make it possible for her to "take pleasure in immersing herself in many different fields".

After spending several years working in various industries, Marianne claimed her artistic independence in 2003. Given her passion for drawing, the artist naturally opted to make visual representations and devote herself exclusively to practicing and sharing it. Thus, Marianne divided her days between teaching visual arts and developing her own pictorial projects.

"Driven by her passion for creation and the human being, [Marianne] places her relationship with art and the role it plays in people's daily lives, at the heart of [her] work." The artist begins each canvas intuitively and lets herself be guided by the many tonalities. They emerge as associations and juxtapositions of mixed materials and coloured paper, which she moulds into  a graphic space  both dynamic and harmonious. Marianne is inspired by natural elements and the sensations she has upon touching them. She thinks  of painting as the inner meandering that each viewer can inhabit by projecting their own memories and personal history onto her work.