Having graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts in Marseille in 1999, the young artist with various talents keenly practised painting, while working simultaneously on the production of engravings and sculptures. Two years later, he open the “Bazarts” workshop gallery in the commune of Cilaos, located on the Réunion island.

Calling upon various techniques that range from painting to drawing, as well as stencils and writing, VILDEMAN conceives his work as an assembly of graphical pointers that aim to form a universal language. In order to do this, he has collected images taken from the collective memory for several years now to establish a visual “encyclopaedia” that is as rich as it is varied. The artist then gleans various fragments that he arranges so that once assembled, they “become symbolic and meaningful”.

Interested by art history and contemporary creation in the wider sense, VILDEMAN cultivates his taste for the arts by enriching his knowledge on a daily basis by going to exhibitions, reading and listening to music. His creative world is also fed by all images cut out of magazines, dealing with subjects as varied as advertising, news, popular imagery or even those that reflect his history, his personal mythology.

Bringing his artistic approach closer to a Maloya singer’s – traditional music from Réunion – VILDEMAN carries out his art spontaneously, without any preconceived idea, in order to allow his unconscious to express itself completely freely. As such, according to the terms of their author, both the approach and composition of the works are thought of “as an accessible means of communication and free expression”.