Rie Brødsgaard

After many years devoted to teaching art and manual work mainly to children, Rie began her artistic adventure in 2008 as a freelancer. Originally from the port town of Kolding, the Danish artist began her work there by giving practical experimental painting classes and initiation to mixed collage techniques. Then joining forces with her colleague, Charlotte Bruun, Rie opened a workshop boutique there, which proposed various creations oriented towards interior decoration.

Rie’s works are conceived as graphic declinations of a theme. As such, the artist produces many compositions about the same subject – that ranges from the study of the female body to the pictorial interpretation of trees and wild flowers – for a long period of time, in order to explore all aspects of it. Working from a juxtaposition of layers made up of both collages and mixed techniques, Rie plays with both thickness and textures, as well as light, to give birth to a strong graphical construction, treated with lively and spontaneous gestures. The attention paid to colours gives the work its general harmony, which is reinforced by applying a layer of permanent varnish, which therefore increases its final sparkle.

Alongside the time she devotes to developing her personal work, Rie enriches her savoir-faire and feeds her creativity by participating in numerous workshops offered by different Danish artists – among others, she has followed for several years those offered by the artist Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt (born in 1965) at the Frederiksberg School of Art in Copenhagen, where he is the director and founder.